Peru Inca Trail su Gastronomia

Peru Inca Trail your Gastronomia – dishes: In a city so full of traditions, such as Cusco, meals are part of an ancient legacy that over time has been refined and enriched with ingredients arrived from all over the world . In Cusco, the chicha and picanterías offering typical foods are no longer exclusive precincts of the Incas, and now part of the must visit tourist circuit. Among the most popular dishes of Cusco cuisine are:

Cachun chuño – Peru Inca Trail your Gastronomia

Stew baked from whole black and white potato flour, fresh or soft cheese and milk. To prepare, boil it whole black and white chuño. Then it is well drained and added fresh or soft cheese. Then bake it with half a cup of milk. And is served once the mixture is curds.

Baked pork – Peru Inca Trail your Gastronomia

Pork roast served as piqueo. It is usually eaten on the go. Chunks of pork bone are picked and washed and seasoned with salt, pepper and ground red pepper sauce. Bake on low heat until sure it is ready. Served with mint and mote.

Chicharrón the Inca Trail Cusco -Peru your Gastronomia

Billet golden pig meat in its own fat which is usually served at breakfast. It is prepared in pots, where large chunks of pork bone in very little water they get. When cooked, the meat of pork fat and loose consumed the liquid begins to brown. The pieces are cut, salted and served, accompanied by court type Chullpi, potato or cassava and mint.

Chiri uchu

Buffet, prepared from baked guinea pig, boiled chicken, mountain sausage, cheese, toast court, rocoto, trout egg cup, Chinese onion, chicken broth and a tortilla made ​​with corn flour. Also add seaweed, which is a kind of seaweed that has been previously dried, and put all this to a boil. This dish is typical of the feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated in the month of June.

Chuño tail – Peru Inca Trail your Gastronomia

Spicy broth with potatoes, chickpeas, rice and various meats. In a liter of red meat highland sausages, a handful of rice, green beans, peeled and cut into four and boiled potatoes. When all is cooked, coarse flour chuño (the black and white type), dissolved in cold water is added. The mixture is stirred with a ladle called wisla stick and cook until it holds.

Olluquito with jerky

Ollucos stew with dry meat. Today is usually served with rice. Ollucos wash well in a bowl and lue-go chop into thin strips. In a pan with oil, garlic, achiote, finite cut jerky, pepper, cumin and red pepper sauce fried. Stir well and wait until this dressing pa¬ra cooked through add chopped root vegetables to the mix. A small amount of broth is also check and cover the pot. When ready, spray a little more oil, and sprinkle chopped parsley before serving.

Pepián guinea pig

Stew made of tender corn and guinea pig meat, seasoned with onion and pepper. After stripping the cuy in boiled water, you pull the viscera and cut into four pieces, then sprinkled with cornmeal to be fried in hot oil. In another pan an onion, garlic and red pepper gold is prepared. Guinea pigs were thrown into the dressing and peanuts are added. The dish is served with rice and boiled potatoes.

Cheese khapchi Inca Trail -Peru your Gastronomia

Cold-based cheese, beans, potatoes and onions, seasoned with milk and pepper dish. It is preferred in the months of November and December porridge. To prepare parboiled green beans in a saucepan. Besides an onion, garlic and butter is prepared. Once the dressing is cooked you add green beans, whole boiled potatoes, good milk and red or yellow pepper. Served with grained rice.

quinoa atamalada

Stew with boiled quinoa, tomatoes and cheese. Washed several times quinoa, soaked and cook with salt and pepper; then a chopped tomato pre-stripped in hot water is added. Adding the whole boiled potato and cheese or fresh pariah, mulching reahoga. The salt sets and the dish is decorated with boiled eggs and olives

Timpu or pout

It is a typical stew of Mardi Gras. It is a soup made with various meats, vegetables and legumes in the region. A good piece of breast, cow, lamb head, bacon and boiled legs. When the boil is about whole cabbage leaves, potatoes, chickpeas and rice are added, previously seasoned. In apar¬te pot potatoes, peaches, pears and yuccas are boiled. The broth is served separately.