Tour Cusco Clasico-7 dias / 6 noches

Tour Cusco Classic-7 days: Our itineraries will give you the best experience of a trip designed by amazing people with local knowledge who share our vision of authentic and real change with a focus on responsible tourism tour Cusco Classic. If you like discovering new cultures, customs and feel the peace of nature that we are actually done exploring the city of Cusco Magica. Hope you will join us for a life changing experience with the customs of Peru.

Day or night, tour Cusco is a city full of charms and attractions. Mornings are ideal for strolling the streets Incas, know its colonial churches, tour the legendary Barrio San Blas Artisan (artisans) or go visit the towns and Inca ruins surrounding Cusco tour classic. At night, when the city of Cusco wears lights, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants are the biggest tourist attractions for visitors. Nightlife in Cusco, offers a variety of opportunities for fun, capable of satisfying the most demanding domestic and foreign visitors definitely an unforgettable experience to know the Magic Cusco.


Tour Cusco Classic-7 days / 6 nights



Upon arrival, reception by air or bus station, transfer to selected hotel. Short rest in order to altitude. In the afternoon visit to the city including the Koricancha Temple and the Cathedral. Continue to the surrounding ruins: Archaeological Park of Sacsayhuaman overlooking the city, Kenko, Puca Pucara and Tambomachay ruins.

This tour ends at approximately 18:00 hours, then be taken to your hotel where you can rest and then have a delicious dinner of welcome to our city and then take a stroll through the streets of the city, enjoying the pleasant evening Cusco.

If it is your wish we can visit before dinner, Qosqo Native Art Center, where he appreciated the presentation of traditional dances of our region.



In the morning around 8:30 am and after breakfast at the hotel, accompanied by our professional guide and convenient transportation, we will leave the so-called “Sacred Valley of the Incas” to visit the colorful market of Pisac where villagers conduct their business transactions as their ancestors did in times memorials and visit the archaeological complex of Pisaq.

A delicious buffet lunch at a local restaurant where you can taste dishes of traditional food, novoandina, etc., prepared with local produce, feel free to be completely satisfied with your trip Tour Cusco Classic.

Continue the journey to reach the fortress and citadel of Ollantaytambo. This place will serve as a prelude to get an idea of how wonderful it will live the next day when we visit Machu Picchu. This day we will stay in Ollantaytambo to take the overnight train to Machu Picchu tours, reaching people spend the night there after dinner.



Wake up very early and after breakfast at the hotel, take the bus to take us for about 30 minutes along the route to Machu Picchu, the ‘Lost City of the Incas`, one of the wonders of the world and place of the most renowned examples of Inca architecture. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu tours are hidden at the top of the mountain.

We visit the citadel always with our guide, who will show each of the most important and impressive places, which also may be the photograph that will make your trip even more memorable for your trip to Machu Picchu.

After tours to Machu Picchu we can have a nice lunch buffet in a restaurant of the Machu Picchu Pueblo, where we descend again to board the train back to Cusco tour.

We arrived in Cusco Classic tour where we expect a well deserved night’s rest at the hotel. Without ruling power out to explore the city at night, a dinner at a tourist restaurant of your choice and an unforgettable walk through the main streets in the center of Cusco.

No matter which month you choose you visiting tour Cusco Classic, should always be kept warm at night, as they are usually very cold and sometimes we can surprise the rain even though we were already away from the months of rainy season in the Cusco.



We started around 9:00 am, when our guide comes to the hotel for us to start this road trip combining beautiful natural landscapes, Inca architecture in Tipon, architecture pre – Inca Wari in Pikillacta, visit its beautiful Andahuaylillas Chapel known as the “Sistine Chapel of America”; not forgetting the tasty cuisine which can be enjoyed on their trip through southern Cusco valley.

TIPON excursion to visit which is a great space culture containing 12 impressive terraces that are currently cultivated, whose walls were built with finely carved stones. Even more impressive is the irrigation system that is still currently serving agriculture in the southern zone of Cusco valley.

PIQUILLACTA: The archaeological complex Piquillacta or Pikillapta is an archaeological site consisting of the remains of a city of Ancient Peru, pre-Inca, Pikillapta is said that at one time housed the famous Tiahuanaco culture, he stands in its streets which form quadrants DoubleDeck paved with stucco walls and floors.

Then continue our journey to the equally impressive ANDAHUAYLILLAS: Typical Andean village time the colony of origin and unique architecture. Stresses in the Catholic church Andahuaylillas colonial decor and a mural Bella seventeenth and eighteenth century known as the Sistine Chapel of Cusco Cusco is in the south valley.

Finished this tour southern tour cusco valley, we have a delicious traditional lunch area south valley. Before returning to Cusco Classic and have the rest of the afternoon walking in the city of Cusco. Dinner at the scheduled time, a night walk in the city center and warm stay at the selected hotel, the next day we expect a new and unforgettable experience. This is optional to give them a disco night in Cusco Classic.


Tour Maras – Moray

We leave journey after breakfast towards the picturesque town of Maras, multicolored freak of nature, houses the mines most important salt of the region being exploited since Inca and colonial period, where he was the first producer of salt center part South of the mountains.

Moray is a formidable archaeological complex systems composed admirable agricultural terraces, enormous terraces that overlap concentrically, taking the shape of a giant amphitheater. These beautiful terraces formed a large agricultural laboratory, in which the ancient Peruvians experienced and obtained improvements. Incredible progress was made in agriculture, which constituted his principal work activity and the basis of its economic development.

The brilliant and bold design of its Inca buildings had no limits to the ancient Peruvians. A throughout the world, men generally made ​​structures from the ground up. In Moray worked down, removing extraordinary amounts of rock and stones, and employing thousands of workers for generations to shape several clusters of platforms in almost perfect circular shape. His perfection was such that even today works flawlessly

Here we will have a picnic lunch enjoying nature and stay warm in these places where the mountain blue sky is appreciated more than ever.

In the afternoon return to the Tour Cusco Classic where after a break we can take a walk through the cozy streets of the city center and then take a well deserved and delicious dinner, where we will be happy to offer our souvenirs and wishes of speedy return, accompanied always your professional guide.




This program allows our passengers an experience in one of the indigenous communities of Cusco, the tour begins at 8 am with the direction of the community HUMASBAMBA arriving at 9 am and then share activities with community members, learn about their customs and participate it, we will taste a typical dish of Community demonstration of dyed fabrics made ​​famous, getting the colors of the roots of plants typical of the area.

Then enrumbaremos to the town of Urubamba where we will also know within a traditional factory “chicha” call drink of the Incas, before returning to Cusco.

Lunch is picnic and return to Cusco in the afternoon around 6:00 pm. For long farewell dinner with your professional guide.


If the interest of the passenger is also know and participate mysticism of our city, we are able to offer a mystical day in which you can participate in a ceremony OFFERING A PACHAMAMA will take place outside the city of Cusco, at a place in contact with nature.

The start time of the ceremony is preferably in the morning and in the evenings there are very strong winds in the area and do not allow proper completion of the ceremony. We go to the place where ceremonies are held the following:

  • Flowering: Ceremony performed with different flowers and plants energetic powers.
  • Offering: Ceremony begins with a brief request permission from Chaman to Mother Nature.

The ceremony lasts between an hour and a half to two hours and this, you have to add transport time, as the agreed destination.

On this day passengers will also have the opportunity to participate in a reading of coca leaves, by which may clarify some questions you want, on different aspects of our vidas.Estas ceremonies are typical of the Andean life of Cusco, and we allows not only to ourselves but to connect with Mother Earth, with nature and show our love, respect and appreciation for all that brings.

Lunch is picnic and return to Cusco in the afternoon around 6:00 pm. For long farewell dinner with your professional guide.


This day is dedicated exclusively to meet the traditional customs of our city, we visited around and tried the local food cusqueñas knowing a little more every day in Cusco, actively participating in the preparation of a typical meal and knowing in detail the ingredients Cusco cuisine.

Among the options we have for example: If your visit is in the month of January we will know a typical meal district of San Sebastián del Cusco, we will visit and in a family home share the preparation of special dishes to mark the feast San Sebastián are made. Besides knowing the major sites of this district, church, main squares.

In the month of February, carnivals are celebrated with much excitement in Cusco, and as in all traditional festivals, have a meal that identifies this month, is called “PUCHERO” which is a delicious dish whose ingredients are meats of different kinds, potatoes, etc. Its preparation is a separate and try to know it will be unforgettable.

Depending on the month of your visit, we will be organizing this day that you will enjoy a day in the life Cusco, always accompanied by our professional guide and agency staff for their continued assistance.


The ZIP-Line Sacred Valley provides an opportunity for people of all ages, you can fly this magnificent place. In a safe and fun way, the zip-line has 6 lines or cables, from 100 to 500 mt, for a total of 2000 mt. The guide, the person engages the cables by means of a pulley fixed to the harness. To get to the first cable, you must perform a beautiful walk of 35 minutes, equipped with parts via ferrata, to provide maximum security and confidence to our adventurers. No previous experience is necessary.

The Sacred Valley Via Ferrata, you can climb a rock wall 300 mt, in the safest way. You will have the opportunity to have lunch while enjoying the mystical landscape of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. During the descent, the 100 mt rebate, will give a shoot extra adrenaline you need to make this experience complete. No previous experience is necessary. These activities are conducted in Pachar between Urubamba and Ollantaytambo.

Lunch is picnic and return to Cusco in the afternoon around 6:00 pm. For long farewell dinner with your professional guide.


This is a very nice and quiet adventure takes place from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm or so, we ride horses that way, we have two routes to offer:

  • Route A: Cusco – Maras – Moray – Salt – Maras – Cusco.
  • Route B: Cusco – Maras – Laguna Huaypo – Ch’eqoq – Maras – Cusco.

This tour takes place in laboratories equipped with comfortable saddles Peruvian Paso Horses. Accompanied by a Chalan (Horse Manager) and an assistant chalan for more than 4 pax, and obviously our guide throughout the program.

Lunch is picnic and return to Cusco for dinner Farewell.



After taking breakfast at the hotel, if your game is scheduled for noon or little later, you can do a small city tour, visiting the traditional product markets like San Pedro and Artisanal markets are very close to the main square of Cusco.

In due time we will transfer from the hotel to the airport or bus terminal where after helping with the approach, we will be pleased I have treated you during your stay and waiting to see you again soon in our Classic Cusco.


  • All Transfers Airport-Hotel-Airport
  • For continuing professional bilingual Tour Cusco Classic tour guide.
  • Revenues to different places including Incas Machupicchu.
  • All tours: City Tour + Sacred Valley + Machupicchu + Maras-Moray
  • Tourist Train Service Expedition to Machu Picchu tours
  • 05 nights in selected hotel in Cusco Classic.
  • 01 night in hotel in Machupicchu
  • 06 Packed for the trip of the classic Cusco
  • 06 Dinners for the trip of the classic Cusco
  • Permanent agency staff throughout the program
  • Immediate medical assistance if needed for the trip.
  • Student travel insurance (optional)
  • The Tourist Transport will be exclusive and available to the group.
  • Souvenirs of the travel agent
  • Filming of the trip
  • Released by group 2.


  • Tickets for air and land can also be purchased with us at your request.
  • In hotels you are considering double and triple. We have hotels or hostels available in all categories.
  • We offer Accessible Tourism, Trained personnel and guidance for caring for people with all types of disabilities.
  • As for the train service we have 3 modes LOCAL, EXPEDITION TO MACHU PICCHU and VISTADOME.
  • All the proposed itinerary can be modified according to the requirements and budget you have school.


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