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Peru tours: Peru has a comprehensive proposal luxury travel throughout Peru, with one common denominator: the irresistible exotic destination itself. The great icons of the country, such as the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca or offer unique travel experiences, designed for maximum enjoyment of nature and the Andean culture, with the bonus of exclusivity and services luxury travels.

isla suasi lago titicaca punoFor those who love luxury travel in Peru lies an exquisite world to discover. The five star experiences add to its exclusivity, the inherent exoticism fate and give rise to suggestive trip experiences possessing a common denominator: the magical settings that surround. Enjoy the grandeur of Lake Titicaca and a floating private island; go up the Amazon in a luxury cruise through the National Park of Manu, Tambopata Reserve, Sandoval Lake Reserve; travel from a city tour Cusco to Machu Picchu in a luxury train; enjoy a private bungalow in the stunning valley of Colca canyon and wake up facing the turquoise waters of the Pacific in the middle of the desert dunes read are just some of the plans offered by the five star Peru. Discover in detail why discerning travelers surrender to temptation … Magical stay at the Sacred Lake of the Incas Spending a day by the sacred lake of the Incas’ says the legend that the waters of Titicaca emerged the founders of Inca Empire, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo- enjoying his imposing presence, lush flora and fauna and its rich ancient cultural expressions, is a suggestive invitation books. To do so in the midst of this, the highest navigable lake in the world, waking up with the view of the vastness of the water and lying with silence, almost magical environment in colorful sunsets of stunning beauty, is a reserved tastes pleasure relax with Peru tours.

In the middle of Lake Titicaca, the beautiful Island Suasi, only private island in the lake, it can be more than a beautiful place to visit, an unforgettable experience. The “Casa Andina Private Collection Suasi” is a small oasis of comfort: an ecolodge built in native island materials (stone and adobe totora), in harmony with the landscape, surrounded by gardens and flowery terraces. Run entirely on solar and services with the highest energy level, offers great moments for personal enjoyment and memories. The immensity of Lake Titicaca, dotted with typical floating islands can be seen from all rooms in the hotel. The suite has a small private beach. This is definitely the perfect place to escape and enjoy nature in its purest place, and cultural exchange with the people of other islands in the lake in Peru tours.

travel to tambopata sandoval lake

Adventure Travel to the Amazon in Peru luxury. Venturing among the last great virgin forests of the world, where they have identified 34 areas of life and rich expressions of living cultures, make Peruvian jungle exotic and inviting destination to discover in the National Park of Manu, Sandoval lake reserve and Tambopata reserve. But do aboard a luxury cruise is a unique experience filled details, perfect for those who dream of launching into the exploration of the Amazon without sacrificing comfort. Romantic sunsets from the deck; unforgettable awakenings before the immensity of the great river; long conversations under the stars sipping a pisco; and a delicious local cuisine and elaborate, are just a few moments of pleasure providing a luxury cruise along the longest river in the world, precisely, is born in the highlands of Peru tours.

Two proposals are luxury cruise from Iquitos, one of the most attractive cities of the jungle and gateway to the northern Amazon.’s “Aqua” and “Dolphin”, with trips of 4, 5 and 8 days The “Dolphin” is a small boutique boat made ​​of wood, with a flirty design that emulates the old barges that plied the river in the days of the rubber boom.’s “Aqua” is a luxury boat, a small design hotel modern with a capacity of 24 passengers. Both cruises offer excursions in small boats to explore the river and hiking through virgin forest, pleasures aimed at discovering the breathtaking nature closely, spotting native wildlife and meet the natives of the area .


inca trail to machu picchu peruincatrailA luxury trip to Machu Picchu in Peru Magico. The magical attraction of Cusco is inherent in their myth, history and mestizo appearance. The town is a charming blend of Inca and Spanish flavor that bathes its picturesque streets and plazas, colonial buildings and houses settled on imposing Inca walls. The visit to the Inca capital Cusco Magico (the navel of the world, according to a translation from Quechua), is inexorably linked to the visit of Machu Picchu. Walking aboard the Hiram Bingham 110 kilometers that separate them, through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is a pleasure trip that allows delve into the discovery of these landscapes, made of vibrant blues and greens, with the background of the “Apus” Inca (the mountains or “holders gods”) of the ancient Inca empire much trasendencia. On the journey not lack popular music, chicha, chiriuchu, cuy, ceviche, pisco and, of course, a lunch made ​​from local gastronomic delights. At the Inca citadel, the animation gives way to admiration, to see the full extent of the greatness of this stunning work of Inca engineering, to this day, continues to surprise scientists and architects for their courageous modern building amidst a rugged Andean landscape. the Inca city Machu Picchu, Mystic for some and, for the most privileged place, renovating stage of life energy, is a wonderful sight, living testimony to the greatness of the Inca Empire. Only a few can enjoy your magical presence day and night tours in Peru.


Next to the citadel, the “Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge” offers the indescribable experience of spending a night near the ruins and glimpse the majestic figure, almost dreamlike, a sunset watching the sunrise at Machu Picchu Inca. Knowing Sleeping its close and imposing presence are the main attractions of this luxury hotel in the same machupicchu. their beautiful gardens, overlooking the Wayna Picchu and many of the 300 species of orchids recorded in the National Park are ideal for unforgettable moments of relaxation within the machu Picchu Inca citadel.

Another delicious option near Machu Picchu is the “Machu Picchu Hotel Sumaq” whose proposal is based on the renewing power of the magical environment, contact with the Andean culture and taste of the best Peruvian cuisine. Its innovative culinary proposal draws on traditional Andean techniques recipe worked with the international avant-garde cuisine. Its menu of activities is extensive and includes excursions through the mountains, bird watching at Machu Picchu, exclusive cooking classes and ancient rites of offering to the earth through the Sacred Valley of the Incas or Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

valle del cola en arequipaAventura Spa Resorts in fascinating Colca Valley in Arequipa. The Colca Valley is one of the most stunning destinations in Peru. The reasons for venturing into the many tantalizing discovery: one of the deepest canyons in the world; the longest volcanic chain in the world; the majestic flight of the condor (the world largest bird); numerous villages inhabited by descendants of the cabanas collaguas and ethnicities; and his vast legacy of rituals, beliefs and artistic traditions .. A list adds one more: the power to stay in one place.


Located in the same valley, with beautiful views of the relaxing infected intoxicating effect of the special environment, “Casitas del Colca” is a rural oasis of luxury. Surrounded by ravines, parks, hotel gardens that supply the fruits and vegetables and ponds, where guests can catch their own trout; 19 houses, perfectly integrated into the landscape and built with natural materials, feature private heated pool, Internet, fireplace and outdoor shower. A luxury to enjoy the starry sky valley serenity of a privileged enclave.

viajes a paracas lineas de nazca mancoraSustainable Luxury on the Pacific. In southern Peru, the Paracas National Reserve encompasses within its boundaries deserts, beaches, islands, cliffs and marine waters. It is therefore one of the most privileged planet ecosystem habitat of sea lions, Humboldt penguins, flamingos and a diversity of birds. With the apparent claim of the landscape and natural value of this area, more suggestive temptation turquoise waters of the Pacific, the new hotel “Doubletree Paracas” opened last March, becoming the new icon on sustainable luxury south and one of the newest and most desirable destinations when Peru tours.


The hotel has taken care of its design, architecture minimizing the low sand-colored visual impact on the coastal landscape of the desert. Moreover, it is one of the few in the world that has a treatment plant wastewater treatment systems and organic waste. It has also developed an ambitious program of environmental education, focusing both the hotel staff and guests, and for local residents, with the aim of improving the quality of tourism services and generate employment opportunities.

Designed to enjoy the superb scenery, most of the 124 suites have sea views. This giant blue turquoise is one of the great attractions of the destination as it is perfect for enjoying the sun, beach and water sports practice (exactly the best place to kite surf next to the hotel). Recreational, however, are mixed. A visit to the cellars of pisco, excursions to the amazing Ballesta Islands and practice sandboard in the desert only read some of them in Peru tours.

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