Choquequirao y Machupicchu-8 dias / 7 noches


Choquequirao and Machu Picchu-8 days: The Choquequirao trek is a truly spectacular hike that plunges into the Apurimac canyon and then back to the fascinating ruins of Choquequirao trekking. While this is a tough hike, you are rewarded with spectacular views all the way. The ruins of Choquequirao trek, perched on a ledge above the Apurimac are not as extensive as Machu Picchu tours, but probably more fascinating and more remote. This is a very unique trail in high Andes.

Type: Adventure

Visited Destinations: Cusco, Chiquisca, Choquequirao, White River, Yamana, Totora Pampa, Santa Teresa, Machu Picchu

Duration:-8 days / 7 nights

Price us $ 00.00

Itinerary Summary Choquequirao and Machu Picchu:

  • Tours Day 1: Cusco – Cachora – Chiquisca
  • Tours Day 2: Chiquisca – Playa Rosalina – Marampata – Choquequirao
  • Tours Day 3: Choquequirao – Choquequirao Step – White River
  • Tours Day 4: White River – Cornfield – Paso San Juan – Yamana
  • Tours Day 5: Yamana – Step Yamana – Totora pampa
  • Tours Day 6: Totora Pampa – La Playa
  • Tours Day 7: Santa Teresa – Aguas Calientes
  • Tours Day 8: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Cusco


  • The following accessories may be available at extra cost:
  • Tourist accommodation pre and post in Cusco, Lima or any other city. Contact us for more details.
  • Additional excursions.

You must bring:

  • Backpack, sleeping bag.
  • Strong, comfortable footwear.
  • A complete change of clothes.
  • Sweater and jacket (something warm).
  • Bottle of water.
  • Flashlight and batteries.
  • Hat or cap for sun protection, sunscreen (sunscreen), insect repellent.
  • Toiletries, towel and toilet paper.
  • Selection of small snacks, chocolate, nuts, cookies, etc.
  • Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries.
  • Swimwear.
  • If you have any questions about the private service to Choquequirao and Huanipaca
  • Please contact our staff for more details.




Choquequirao and Machu Picchu-8 days / 7 nights

1st Day Tours:

Cusco tours – Cachora – Chiquisca

We left early morning northwest of the city of Cusco (3350m) in a transport direction Cachora (2850m). Cachora, is the meeting place with the carriers and their mules will carry all the camping equipment along the expedition. The presence Padreyoc Mountain is spectacular, a good strategic viewpoint known as Capuliyoc (2800); And deep Apurimac Canyon. The temperature increases every time we enter into the canyon and our campsite is in the forest of Chiquisca (1930m).

Hiking time: 6 hours in a warm climate with mosquitoes.

2nd Day Tours:

Chiquisca – Playa Rosalina – Marampata – Choquequirao trek

Having enjoyed our breakfast, we began to descend about 30 minutes to Playa Rosalina (1500m). From there we began the ascent to leave as soon as possible through the canyon in a warm climate to the town of Marampata (2850m), where we have a beautiful view of the archaeological complex of Choquequirao and a very cool environment. The enigmatic sunset Choquequirao allow us to observe with a little luck the flight of “Condor”, which descends from the highest mountains of the Cordillera de Vilcabamba the archaeological complex of Choquequirao (3033m). Where can our camp.

Hiking time: 7 hours in a warm and cold climate with mosquitoes.

3rd Day Tours:

Choquequirao Trek – Choquequirao trek Step – White River

Observe the sunrise over the archaeological complex of Choquequirao, or “cradle of gold”; therefore the company of a professional guide will facilitate the presentation concerning the history, ruins and recent excavations found. Choquequirao (3350m) currently holds many ancient secrets, since at the time only 30% of this restored ruin. This project could be completed and submitted in its entirety for a more even feel the main function remains a mystery and enigmatic in the middle of a tropical forest that holds many ancient secrets. After the tour, we headed to the passage of Choquequirao (3270m), then to the ruins of Pinchaunuyoc 2450m and then descend to the deepest part of this small canyon known as Río Blanco (1900m), where we will put our camp.

Hiking time: 6 hours in a warm climate with mosquitoes

4th Day Tours:

White River – Cornfield – Paso San Juan – Yamana

Early morning, we went up to the town of Cornfield (3000m), which is the most difficult section, because of being a steep path through a tropical forest. Then we will continue with the expedition to rise by an Inca road that is not in a good way by the constant natural erosion of the mountain and the intense humidity there. Moving from San Juan (4200m), is the place where you observe a magnificent view of the mountains and glaciers of the Vilcabamba are over 5000m. From there we descend to the community of Yamana (3530m), to locate a nice camp. Hiking time: 9 hours in a warm and cold weather.

5th Day Tours:

Yamana – Step Yamana – Totora pampa

At dawn, we began to climb to the highest point of the expedition known as Yamana Pass (4670m). Over the passage have much chance to observe the flight of the Condor, plus the presence of other mountains are frequent as the Salkantay (6264m), which is the highest in the region snowed; and Pintuyu (5450m). The next camp is deep in the Valley of Totora pampa (3200m).

Hiking time: 7 hours in a warm climate and mosquitoes.

Tours 6th Day:

Totora Pampa – La Playa

Continuing along an Inca trail, get to know communities with ancestral custom and culture techniques for good fertilizing their land. And these have been handed down from generation to generation to constantly improve the development of the vegetables, tubers, fruit trees, etc. The flora is incremented each time because of the climate and humidity of this valley so we can recognize the variety of orchids, bromeliads, and other Bomareas. Each we are in a scenario where the vegetation is best developed and tropical fruits are constant on the road and as the cultivation of coffee is in huge proportions. The beach (2100m) or Lucmabamba (2020m) is the place of our camp.


If we continue on the tour by an Inca road to ruin Llactapata !!! … The group should decide and the next morning we climb the road to ruin Llactapata (2650m) where we will make the exploration in the midst of greenery Aobamba basin. In addition we will have the best view of the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and other mountains. Then continue falling Hydroelectric where we take our train to Aguas Calientes.

Hiking time: 6 hours.

7th Day Tours:

Santa Teresa – Aguas Calientes – Machupicchu and Choquequirao

The district of Santa Teresa (1830m), has a very pleasant climate. This being a rich fertilizer for the development of the coffee bean that becomes one of the best high quality products for export to the European market area. With the support of some foreign institutions are improving export products to a highly competitive is the European that is becoming a reality market. The canyon is spectacular Willcamayu while we are prepared to take a very typical of the region called “Oroya” transport, this should cross to the other side of the river, which will be fun and exciting. Then continue on their way to Hydro, where we take our train to Aguas Calientes (2050m). And overnight accommodation.

Hiking time: 4 hours in a warm climate.

8th Day Tours:

Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu tours – Cusco tours

Early at dawn, we will be taking the first bus to Machu Picchu Archaeological Complex (2400m) where we have a guided tour. The tour is nice enough time in an incomparable setting. Whether the type of architecture and the meaning of Machu Picchu becoming an enigma that will leave you breathless. Having concluded the visit, the customer will have a whole time available to recover or continue independent hike to the top of Huyna Picchu or Temple of the Moon. And then back to rediscover the whole group in the village of Aguas Calientes, before taking the train back to Cusco.

The climate in Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu is warm and humid with mosquitoes.


INCLUDES Choquequirao and Machu Picchu-8 days:

  • Private transfer from Hotel to Cachora
  • Camping equipment high mountain.
  • Meals during the excursion (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Option vegetarian).
  • Professional guide (English or Spanish)
  • Cook and cooking equipment
  • Horseman and mules, for all our camping gear and personal equipment customer
  • Emergency horse
  • Join the archaeological complex of Choquequirao
  • Join to Machu Picchu
  • Railway Station Hydroelectric to Aguas Calientes)
  • Truck and porters from Playa Santa Teresa and hydroelectric (by camping equipment and personal belongings of passengers)
  • Bus up and down (Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu)
  • Family hostel in the village of Santa Teresa
  • Hostal in Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu or President)
  • Dinner in Aguas Calientes
  • First aid kit, oxygen and ropes.

NOT INCLUDED choquequirao and Machu Picchu-8 days :

  • Sleeping bag (If UD. Did not have this, we offer)
  • Lunch on the last day of Machu Picchu.